designing crystal report

Mar 22, 2009 at 7:59 PM
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Default Crystal reports and

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I am new to working with crystal reports. I would like to know way(s) to write 14 similar detail reports.
I will be passing parameters from a <acronym title="Visual Basic">vb</acronym>.net windows application to a crystal report that will have 14 detail reports that are similar but the columns may be different based upon the selection category passed by the parameters. Each version of the detail reports will be similar but vary depending upon the category that is selected.
The reports will only one one major selection criteria on them. These reports will be emailed out to each user user the request the detail infomation.
Thus is there a way with crystal reports to have the reports similar but different based upon one major selction criteria? This would be similar to using cascading styles sheets on the web or writing a .net method that has the same name, but different parameters that can be passed to the 'methods' in .net.